A1 Augmented Reality shows an amazing underwater world



The telecoms companies’ Si.Mobil and A1 merger in Slovenia called for a rebranding campaign that supported the slogan “A1. The start of something amazing”.


The Augmented Reality campaign displayed incredible wildlife scenes on a digital screen of a bus shelter. The scenes of floating jellyfish and playful dolphins inside the shelter were overlaid onto a live video feed of the street from the other side. Additional motion and light sensors made the animations adapt to the environment, for example, the distance from the audience, and whether it was day or night.



Using Augmented Reality in OOH allowed A1 to add real-life brand engagement to their larger media campaign. The eye-catching full-motion creative increased brand recall by surprising the audience with stunning visuals. Additional contextualisation generated interaction as the creative reacted to the audience and their surroundings. Fascinated passers-by were entertained and delighted by the sight, further driving online and social media traffic.


views of the campaign on the A1 Facebook page


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