Play fetch with an AI dog



At the eye-catching experiential space there were dogs from the shelter and brand ambassadors answering questions about adopting a dog. A free standing digital panel, equipped with AI gesture recognition invited passers-by to “throw a ball” to the Labrador on the screen. When they did, the dog on the screen ran to fetch it. When it brought back the ball and dropped it, a real ball rolled out from below the panel with printed information about the shelter.



The campaign was personalised through AI gesture recognition. It read the unique movements of the person to make the ball fly off accordingly. Passers-by were surprised and delighted to have a real ball roll out from below the panel.

The campaign reflected its brand identity and effectively communicated its message through this novel experience of playing with an AI dog. In addition to the hundreds of interactions, the event generated a considerable online and TV coverage further increasing awareness.

The AI Labrador received hundreds of interactions


Advertiser: Lost Dogs Home


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